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Ideal Dress Colour Combinations for Ideal Couples

   When it comes to couple clothing, dressing up with an attire matching with your partner would be the most memorable and romantic thing to cherish in a wedding. Goes without saying that you would need more than a couple of outfits since Indian weddings span at least a few days and include about half a dozen events. While picking outfits, the foremost thing to consider is the colour that you and your partner are going to wear.

Tips for Wedding Plan

Yes we know! You are getting nervous as the date approaches.  It is totally fine to be nervous. We are going to help you through this phase with our tips. They say weddings are made in heaven. Now let’s start making yours a heaven too!

Kongu Wedding Proceedings

KonguVellalars, sometimes referred to as Gounder, are a community from the western region of Tamil Nadu, which is known as Kongu Nadu. The community known for their hard work, follows well refined wedding customs which reflect their living style.


Easy Way To Manage Your Wedding Budget

Planning your wedding in full glitter and glamour will definitely require a huge investment. But some intelligent planning can restore the grace of your ceremony and that too at an affordable cost. There are some practical ways to manage your wedding budget.

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