Easy Way To Manage Your Wedding Budget

Planning your wedding in full glitter and glamour will definitely require a huge investment. But some intelligent planning can restore the grace of your ceremony and that too at an affordable cost. There are some practical ways to manage your wedding budget.

Cut Back on Your Guest List
 Larger the list of people invited, more would be the pressure in managing them and certainly more would be the expenses. Instead of taking this cost and pressure, sit down and make a list of the friends and family who truly mean a lot to you. Keep in mind that the typical cost of catering for each person is approximately Rs 60, and this does not include extras such as party favors. In other words, if you invite 100 people, you can expect to spend Rs 6,000 on food alone. So plan the list mainly with your dear and near.

Cut down on decor
Flowers in Indian weddings take up a big chunk of our budget. But a prudent plan would give a great saving in decoration. Use more greenery than costly flowers. Stick to just one or two kinds of flowers and buy flowers that are in season. Including non floral pieces, like seashells, bamboos, or paper decorations will be a viable option for cost savings.

Allow family and friends to offer their services in lieu of a gift
Do you have talented friends or family members who can take up photography or bridal makeups? Make use of their services. Enabling these people to offer their services in lieu of a gift is a great way to bring your wedding expenses down. However, keep in mind what a comparable wedding professional would charge for the service in question, and make sure that you give a tip or a small gift as a mark of your thanks  to them you.

Skip the designer wear
Many people feel compelled to wear a dress that is created by a well-known designer, but the reality is that this is not the best idea to spend a large percentage of your wedding budget. After all, the wedding clothing you choose will be so grand that the chances you wear it again regularly is low. There are a huge variety of budget-friendly wedding outfits that come with a much smaller price tag. As long as you look and feel great in your dress, the cost of the wear is not a real matter of concern.

Wedding invitations
These days it is not a ritual anymore to invite your friends or relatives through actual cards. Well, it’s time to go digital this time. Create your invitation cards online and post them on your social media platforms or message or mail them personally for inviting them. This would save a lot of paper as well as your budget. There are some of the trending invitation modes and are certainly budget-friendly. The site https://www.canva.com/create/cards/wedding-invitations/ shows you how to create beautiful invitations worthy for the occasion.

Deciding over venue
It is advisable to choose a venue closer to your homes, as it will save a lot of your cost in hiring rental cars or buses. Keep in mind to choose your location months before your wedding date.

Jewellery shopping
Though you are bound to buy some real gold or diamond pieces, you can even pair them up with some artificial stones or Kundan jewellery that is lower in cost. Avoid buying from any exclusive boutiques or jewellery outlet. Also, you may even try out your grandmother’s or mother’s jewellery if given the chance.

Find out all ways to cut down on costs:Analyse all possible options to cut down the costs like hosting the ceremony and reception in the same venue, forgoing a live band which may cost upto Rs 30000, going to a beauty salon to get your beauty services instead of having the stylist come to you, making an off season purchase, saying NO to the unwanted upgrades in the venue etc, are some of the easy ways to manage your budget.

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