Tips for Wedding Plan

Yes we know! You are getting nervous as the date approaches.  It is totally fine to be nervous. We are going to help you through this phase with our tips. They say weddings are made in heaven. Now let’s start making yours a heaven too!

This is the most important of all. Guests come first. You need to fix a number of guests you will be inviting.To ensure the space adequacy allow 25 to 30square feet per guest. 


Nobody like traffic or the phrase “No rooms available”, hence make sure that you investigate the blackout dates when you fix a date. You can avoid the some dates such as a festival, charity walk or any other major conference or event in the city. This ensures less traffic and availability in hotel rooms.


Explore the dates 

  • Before you choose a date explore and research dates of the week, you will find that some of the dates will be much less expensive than other dates of the week (Eventhough Saturday and Sunday are the most preferred days for the guests, the charges during these days are more when compared to the week days)
  • Make a note of the weather on that date. Listen to Mother Nature and change the dates if possible. Many guests might tend to come late or go early depending on the weather. You don’t want that to happen. You want your guest to enjoy the maximum at your wedding.

Credit card

  • Now it is a good time to sign up for a credit card. Make sure to purchase a credit card which has a good rewards program.
  • Take advice from the people who know better
  • Marriage consultants are people who give wedding services around the year. They have seen thousands of weddings from the moderate to the best ones. A photographer will know which flower best suits the wedding theme.  A reception manager will know who the best band in town is. Contacting them will help you in deciding the best resources for your marriage.
  • Meal Plan
  • A less expensive yet a hearty meal are the one to go for. Decide on the items that are simple yet tasty, based on the interests and likes of both the families.


  • In case you have a considerable number of guests who prefer to have hot drinks, then make sure that you have a dedicated bartender who can keep the guests in line and an additional server if necessary.
  • Keep money for surprise expenses
  • However you plan your wedding there will be one or two extra expenses such as additional tailoring needs, printing extra invites, backup vendor plans etc.So maintain some reserve cash to meet these kind of unexpected expenses.

Not every people you call are going to attend your wedding especially if it is a destination wedding. Group your guest list in this way
    Immediate family
    Best friends
    Close friends/Cousins
    Uncles, Aunts and other relatives
    Co-workers, friends and neighbours.
If you want to cut down the list you can start from bottom until you reach the ideal number.

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