Ideal Dress Colour Combinations for Ideal Couples

   When it comes to couple clothing, dressing up with an attire matching with your partner would be the most memorable and romantic thing to cherish in a wedding. Goes without saying that you would need more than a couple of outfits since Indian weddings span at least a few days and include about half a dozen events. While picking outfits, the foremost thing to consider is the colour that you and your partner are going to wear. In case you are confused about what colours to wear, here are some of the latest trends to make your partnership look marvellous on your D day. Tips for best matching outfits:

                         The bride can match her lehenga’s border or dupatta to the colour of the groom’s sherwani, making it work like a charm.







    Gold and off-white are always a classic combination. It is a very subtle yet a very modern colour coordination, that gives a royal vibe   to  the couple.






                                         The bride can very elegantly match her outfit to the exact shade of the groom’s kurta..







         Another brilliant way to colour coordinate the outfits is the combination of a bright colour against a neutral colour while the only thing that stands out is the embroidery. If the lehenga of the bride is a riot of colours, then the groom should wear a neutral coloured kurta pajama.






                    Instead of going in for different hued outfits and then figuring out how to coordinate them, you can just simply sit down with your partner to decide a particular colour that will suit both of you.






   A fail proof rule for co-ordinating is to contrast with the most opposite colour possible like these couples did.






      Another rule for co-ordinating is to pick the same colour but get different levels of saturation. If a groom in wearing mint green, a bride can choose emerald green to get a great look.







Best colour combinations for bride and groom

Red or Orange Cream, blush pink, peach, beige or mint green
Deep pink Cream, beige, soft pink, mint green, yellow
Baby pink  Cream, gold, mint green, deep wine, emerald green
Deep blue or green Cream, beige, or very pale colours in the blue or green
Ivory, gold Navy blue, deep wine, emerald or beige
  Monotone outfit picking up the colour that is least visible in the bride’s outfit



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